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Next Steps Messaging System (NSBMS) comes with multiple features which you can use 'right out of the box', you just focus on your business. NSBMS Provides easy to use plug and play System to Integrate into your existing System. NSBMS provides Emails and SMS messaging of more than 10,000 users. NSBMS lets you store confidential email list of your users. You can create your User List, Create Own Templates, add video, images and we also provide built Out of Box templates for Marketing campaigns.

  • Drag and Drop Template, Content, Images. Videos.
  • Store your own Images and Video.
  • Store Users Email ID with Security.
  • More than 10,000 Users email sent with sign click.
  • Automatically resend emails to non-openers.
  • Tracking Emails based on Click and redirection.
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Next Steps Customer Relationship Management (NSCRM) provides a single stop for All your Customer Relationship Management Need. NSCRM is powerful, robust, extensible and usable CRM that satisfies all your needs. It provides low cost CRM with all the features of top CRM tools. You can track your Sales Leads, Sales Closures, Customers, Marketing, Customer Feedbacks etc All in one Stop. NSCRM is extensible based on your Need. Starting from the basic features used by Small Business to Large Corporation with extensive features, NSCRM gives the best Solution for your CRM Needs.

NSBMS Top Features
  • Easy to use Contact Management. Stores all required Contact Information.
  • Easy to add Remainders for emails and call backs to Customers.
  • Interaction Tracking with one click button.
  • Mobile based user Interface for All On the travel Sales and Field Agents.
  • Automated Email Marketing System.
  • Data Analysis with intuitive charts to show Sales, Leads and Other Business KPIs to help in Forecasting.
  • Low Cost Document Management.
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Next Steps Learning Software (NSLS) provides you with All Learning Paths with Visual, Audio, Written and Exam Mode. NSLS is strictly for Customers with 50 or more Employees to provide Training and Learning Curve. NSLS is integrated with Top Notch Certification of Microsoft, AWS, CISCO, SAP, Sales Force, Testing, JAVA, Oracle, PMI, Google.

NSLS is a customizable Software to add certifications and learning paths based on your need, NSLS Provides easy to configurable certification paths on various Professional courses – Information Technology, Accounting, Finance, Pharma, Biomedical, Hospitality.

NSLS Top Features
  • Plug and Play Application..
  • Flexible Course Selection on Different Levels.
  • Easy to Configure Exam Criteria and Scoring.
  • Built in 360 Degree Feedback Mechanism; Employees, HR, Managers, Other teams.
  • Automated Email Marketing System.
  • Social Learning Integration.